COSHH Assessment

A COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Risk Assessment is a report that identifies the hazards and risks associated to dangerous substances within the workplace. The COSHH risk assessment ensures that you put appropriate control measures in place to protect the health and well-being of your employees and remain compliant with the law.

Health hazards aren’t just limited to any substance labelled as “hazardous”. Harmful substances can be produced as the result of a work process – this could be from wood dust after sanding or silica dust from tile cutting.

If your business uses or creates substances or completes processes that might cause harm to health, you are required by law to control all possible risks to employees and visitors. National Auditing and Training Ltd consultants are experts at completing COSHH assessments.

Summary Of The Service

A National Auditing and Training Ltd consultant will ensure your COSHH Risk Assessments are thorough and meet government regulations. We will also offer support and advice on implementing any control measures within your risk assessment documentation. Our COSHH Assessment service includes:

  • An onsite visit from your dedicated health and safety consultant.
  • Completed COSHH risk assessment, identifying types of chemicals, routes of entry into the body and control measures necessary to mitigate any harm caused using these chemicals.
  • The COSHH assessment documentation provided to you is both hard copy and electronic.



Dependent on the business requirements. Length of time required to complete the COSHH assessment will be discussed and agreed at a consultation.



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